Last updated at 2013-10-26 05:14:25  GMT

New veterinary centre to open in Al Jumaylia

New veterinary centre to open in Al Jumaylia

The Ministry of Environment plans to expand veterinary services and register and check all veterinary medicines that enter the country for their validity and to ensure they are stored properly.

The ministry has three mobile veterinary clinics one of which is deployed during camel racing to provide instant medical care to camels in the event of injury.

One mobile clinic is stationed at the central livestock market to check if an animal has any disease before it is sold out.

H E Ahmed bin Amer Al Hemaidi, the Minister of Environment, will inaugurate tomorrow a new veterinary centre in Al Jumaylia.

The ministry has also developed plans to open new veterinary centres and develop the old ones, including one permanent centre at the Central market, and other centres in Al Khor and Al Shahaniya, which are under construction.

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